Putting your strengths into words

Clarify your behaviour, motivation and competencies. Look at yourself through the eyes of others and improve your ability to talk about your strengths.

What the users say about us:

Describing myself is probably the most difficult part. Praice has hit the nail on the head with their descriptions of me and now I realise just how many strengths I have. In addition, I am no longer afraid to say it aloud.

Tina JensenEventmanager at Crone&Co

I am a very extrovert and energetic person with a great passion for canvassing. Praice has given me much more self-knowledge and I am surprised just how easy and fun it is to use the system. I love the idea of my own network providing the input for my profile – every single word is positive!

Linda HansenOwner of

Praice is unique on the market! I have never seen a system with similar features. Very quickly, I gain an insight into both my own behaviour and the behaviour of my staff members.

Lars Gylling EnevoldsenManager at Mano Security

At Copenhagen Software, we found the company DNA through Praice. Now we know the main traits of our best staff members and so we also know what to look for when we hire.

Christoffer D. RiisCOD at Copenhagen Software


Praice does all the necessary preparations prior to the recruitment process. We list the candidates based on the company DNA.

The profiles are free of charge for everybody and the analysis tools are available through a subscription system that provides free and unlimited access to all tools.

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Here, you can set up a profile free of charge. Such a profile is for people who would like to put their strengths and competencies into words.

It is created based on your own statements as well as statements from your network, e.g. your family, friends or colleagues.

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The profiles are free of charge for everybody and it only takes a few clicks to get started.

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