Intelligent and automated candidate screening

Intelligent and automated candidate screening

Screen for candidates with 360 behavioral profiling. Increase diversity in your candidate selection and boost performance of new hires.

Automated screening

Get automatically sent the candidates who matches your top talent and their behavioral traits.

360 behavioral profiling

All applicants get a behavioral profile with Praice. The observed behavior are structured in a 360 perspective through appraisal of own behavioral traits and appraisal by the applicant’s network.

Increase diversity

Humans screen with unconscious biases like language, name, previous experiences and pictures in CV. Data does not.

What our clients tell us


With AutoScreen by Praice
ILLUM reduced their time
used on screening by 54%.

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3 Mobil

By using Praice 3 Mobil moved away from the traditional way of putting teams together and hiring people. 

AutoScreen by Praice

Automate your screening process and get sent the candidates that are a behavioral match to the ‚Äėgood employee‚Äô.¬†Hire after behavioral parameters like service level, trust, motivation and performance.

A data-driven HR and management tool

Know your employees behavioral profiles and build the most optimal teams. Increase the performance of the employees and take better decisions as a leader and HR manager.

Praice – A better experience

A good employee experience starts with the application process. With Praice all applicants apply through their mobile phone – without sending CV or application. All applicants get sent a SoftSkill CV, which put their competencies and strengths into words.