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Who is Praice

Praice strives to create successful and lasting jobmatches for all, regardless of starting point. Based on soft skills, we pave the way for people to become more aware of the personal soft skills they possess – and that they can convert these to the jobmatches that are just right for them.

At the same time, we offer an extensive solution for companies, enabling them to screen, hire and maintain their employees – all on the basis of the individual’s soft skills.

Our values

In Praice we let our values show us the way in everything we do – it keeps us on our toes, and true to our original promise we made to both customers and users.


We are ambitious on behalf of you and us

We are motivated through challenging the current state of things. We do not believe in standing still and we want to – hopefully in a joint effort with you – break boundaries. We have a forward striving culture, and we believe in setting attractive goals. We are ambitious on behalf of both you and us.



We want to make what is complex simple

We wish to offer a simple solution of high quality that can be utilised by everyone. That requires good communication of what is at times complex content, a simple use of language, a good customer journey and an intuitive platform.



We want to give all a fair chance

Fair covers moral, ethics and equality. By looking at people as a whole and involving the soft skills that we all possess just on account of being who we are, new possibilities arise – for a larger group of people. we are passionate about diversity within companies and we fight for it to become a reality everywhere.

Meet the Praice team

We are the team behind Praice and we all contribute our share to the journey.

Christian Højfeldt 

CEO of Praice. I am a passionate product developer. The best thing I know is to find solutions for challenges and changing status quo.

Darius Vitonis

Backend Developer in Praice. I see it as my finest duty that the platform is stable, fast and always working, and I try to constantly improve our AI algorithms.

Laurynas Gelvonauskis

Frontend Developer in Praice. I bring concepts and ideas to life on the Praice user interface.

Tina Nørregaard Christensen

Business Manager in Praice. I am passionate about keeping potential and existing customers informed about Praice, and I love creating our marketing content.

Mette Camilla Petersen

Customer Responsible in Praice. I am passionate about giving our customers the best possible onboarding, so as many people as possible can retrieve value from Praice.

André Kondrup

External UI/UX designer in Praice. I help Praice appear graphically inspiring and easily understandable.