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We are Praice

Praice is an AI-driven SaaS tool that screens and matches talents for volume jobs. It works by using the performance data and 360-degree network validated personal profiling to predict top performance.  

Our values

At Praice we are very passionate about creating the best match between the candidate and company. Our values are our daily compass for how we prioritize and how we solve problems.


We are ambitious on your behalf – as well as our own.

We are driven by the challenging status quo. We want to stretch and move the limits of what is possible, and we want to do it with you. Our culture is forward-thinking; thus, we believe in achieving ambitious goals. To be ambitious on behalf of you and us reflects the mission and vision of Praice 



We make complexity simple 

The Praice foundation is built on AI and proven behavioral psychology. As a result, Praice can seem complex. We want to break down the complexity, so it becomes simple and transparent both for you and for us. We strive to make Praice straightforward to use for you, as a recruiter, leader, and candidate, alike



We want to give fair opportunities to everyone  

Fair gives us an ethical and moral compass. Not only do we believe that there is an increased need for more diversity in the job market, but we also fight for it. We want to increase unbiased recruitment. We think that it is only fair for you and for your candidate to make the recruitment unbiased. Our processes, reports, and KPI’s shall represent fair and transparent recruitment.  

Praices brand values

Meet the team behind Praice

We are the team behind Praice, and we are all passionate about what we do. Our passion for Praice ranges from taking care of our customers to the creation of software.

Christian Højfeldt 

The CEO at Praice. I am passionate about product development. The best I know is to find solutions that will change the status quo.

Darius Vitonis

I am the Back End Developer at Praice. It is an honor for me whenever I make the platform functions fast and stable.

Laurynas Gelvonauskis

The Front End Developer at Praice. I bring concepts and ideas to life at the Praice user face.

Christina Heiselberg

The COO at Praice. I connect our strategy with our team and secure solid processes and standards.

Tina Nørregaard Christensen

Senior Client Relations Manager at Praice. I am thriving to give our customers the best experience while using Praice.

Stefan Bartels

The Business Development Manager at Praice. I am passionate about creating a good job match between the candidate and the company.

Julie Maja Nielsen

The Sales Director and Coach at Praice. It is a passion for me to support HR to find tools like Praice.

Kristine Colding-Jørgensen

Communications manager at Praice. I create the connection between our strategy and our customers.

André Kondrup

The extern UI/UX designer at Praice. I help Praice to become more inspiring and understandable.