AutoScreen by Praice

Automated candidate screening based on behavior and performance.

Automated candidate screening based on behavior and performance.

  • Automatic candidate screening 
  • A higher quality candidate pool
  • Boost new hire performance
  • Unbiased recruiting and diversity
  • Savings in time and resources
  • A better application experience

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Automated screening of candidates

AutoScreen automatically screens high volumes of candidates, and provides you with the exact candidates who matches your company culture and the specific position. 

AutoScreen recognises your top performing employees’ behavioral traits and selects the candidates that matches the ‘best and high-performing employee’.

Save time and resources in the screening process

AutoScreen will send you the candidates that matches the position and company culture – without the candidates having to send a application or CV. 

Save time and resources by adding AI to your screening process and increase the quality of your candidate pool.

What if you could “press a button” and only get the candidates who have been defined as ‘the best employee’?  

What if you could “press a button” and only get the candidates who have been defined as ‘the best employee’?  

How the best candidates are selected


Identification of your ‘best employee’ and their behavioral traits

Systematic mapping of the behavioral traits of the ‘best employee’

All candidates apply through AutoScreen by Praice

Automatic selection of candidates for the position and culture based on their behavioral traits

Praice has challenged us a lot on our classic candidate evaluation process. Now we use AutoScren to screen after behavioral traits before looking at CV and experience.

AutoScreen has provided Illum with a more relevant candidate poll and a higher diversity in the selected candidates. The platform helps exclude biases and habitual hiring. It’s simply better business for us to focus on the behavioral traits of our employees as these traits actually makes a difference for the customers at Ilum.

Claus MollHR-director I Illum
increase in the volume of relevant candidates
new colleagues
time savings
permanent employment

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Humans screen with unconscious biases like language, name, previous experiences and pictures in CV. Data does not.

Increase the diversity in you candidate pool with AutoScreen

Who can benefit from AutoScreen?

AutoScreen by Praice is the HR-platform for talent acquisition managers or leaders who hire their own teams in industries with seasonal workers, stores and warehouses and hotel  – and restaurant. The platform is beneficial for businesses with a high volume in applications and hires.

About Praice

Praice is a HR platform for companies aiming to strengthen their diversity and  performance by adding AI to the recruitment processes, recruiting, onboarding and team development. The platform is built on years of research in behavioral traits and Jung’s archetypes. Nordea, Illum and PFA is just some of the companies who currently uses Praice in their HR – and management development.

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