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We want to change the status quo for how you recruit today

Praice started originally out as a tool matching people together. This was done through software and behavioral science.  

Since the birth of Praice in 2015, Praice has gone from being consumer-oriented to be a business-oriented software. This new approach was introduced in 2017 by Christian Weis Højfeldt and is still how we know Praice as it is today. 

Praice is here to ‘praise’ you

The word Praice comes from the word ‘praise’, which is used to give a person credit and let them know that they are doing something right.  

Praice is built to be a positive behavioral tool, that puts a spot on your superpowers and not your weaknesses. However, the Praice tool also lets you know what you should be attentive to about yourself.  

Quite concretely Praice is a recruitment software tool that uses data to define behavior and a match score.  

The key and thereby the validation of Praice used in your recruitment is found in the network feedback. 

“We contain as people different strengths and weaknesses. We often sell ourselves on what we think we are good at. That is what we at Praice want to challenge. According to us, we do not think that you have the insight to have a full view over who you are, however, your network can create the nuances about you as a person. We mean that it is relatively uninspiring to know what you think about yourself. It is more fascinating how your network sees you.”
Christian Højfeldt