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The history behind Praice

Praice was born in 2015 from a wish to be able to match people in social settings based on personal behaviour. Praice was then a consumer oriented solution, but when Christian Weis Højfeldt stepped in as CEO in 2017, he changed direction towards a business oriented focus, thus creating the solution that is still the groundwork for what Praice looks like today.

Since then, Praice has been used to recruit new staff, strengthen teams and to help job seeking people – all towards the same goal of creating perfect jobmatches. Along the way, Autoscreen was introduced for screening applicants on the basis of their personality, which adds to the efficiency within the companies using it.

In 2021, Praice met new interest among municipalities working to find jobs for unemployed citizens. To meet their needs, we added new tools and reports to our solution that went live in 2022. Since then, many municipalities have utilised Praice for creating the right jobmatches.

Praice means to ‘praise’ you

The word Praice comes from the word ‘praise’, which is used to give a person credit and let them know that they are doing something right.  

Praice is built to be a positive behavioural tool, that puts a spot on your superpowers and not your weaknesses. Praice involves your network, too, that’s where the magic arises. 

The whole point with Praice is to let the individuel person know of their own strengths and value – insight that can be used to find the perfect job.

“As people, we all have strengths and weaknesses. We often sell ourselves on what we, ourselves, think we are good at. Praice wants to challenge that. By including the network you can get insight the full picture of a person – and it is a recognition of that person at the same time.”
Christian Højfeldt