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Optimise your job seeking with Praice

Are you job seeking, or do you just want enhanced insights into your personal superpowers? With a Praice Profile, you get insight into your personal strengths as seen through the eyes of both yourself and your network. 

You can use the Praice material and your insight actively to stick out from the masses and strengthen your possibilities while job hunting 
Step 1

Create your Praice Profile

Praice is a tool to put words on your super powers.

Your Praice behavioral traits are defined by you and your network

Praice Traits
Step 2

Praice Yourself

Reflect about who you are and not whether you match a given job 

Step 3

Get Praices from your network  

We recommend you write a personal message to at least 8 people in your network. The more feedback you get from your network, the more valid your Praice Profile will be. 

Step 4

Congratulations on your Praice Profile

Remember to download your Praice Personal Report. The report contains insights into your superpowers and how to communicate and use these in a job interview.