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Discover the potential and create a personal jobmatch

Praice Pro allows you as a job consultant to map and gain insight into the most predominant soft skills of each individual in your care.

It is a boosting experience for the individual in question that sparks new hope and faith in his or her own abilities – and it can pave the way for the perfect jobmatch.

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Knowing what you are good can be a tough one

Through Praice Pro you can help each individual gain insight into his or her most prominent soft skills. Along the way, you boost the individual’s self confidence and increase their work motivation. You also make it possible for the individual to better stand out among other applicants.

Praice offers:

  • Easy mapping of an individual’s soft skills – including input from the person’s closest contacts
  • Immediately accessible tools to support a full job seeking process
  • Access to a list of suitable jobmatches and  task types, based on the individual’s soft skills
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Tailor fit jobmatches based on the individual’s personality

The best jobmatches come from letting a person do what they do best – by letting them handle tasks that come natural to them.

Mapping an individual’s soft skills gives you a broader picture that goes beyond just hard skills – while opening up for whole new possibilities in the process.

A Praice Jobmatch Report offers you direct access to the most suitable jobmatches of each individual in your care – based on their personality. At the same time you get actual data you can use in your ABC job plan.

– regard Praice Pro as an important tool in the employment efforts, regardless of the individual’s starting point

Schools and academies
– offer Praice Pro as part of their student and career counseling

Private mentors
– use Praice Pro as a dialogue tool, as a helping hand during the job seeking process and for datadriven jobmatches

One solution for all

Praice can benefit all individuals – regardless of starting point. We have built Praice upon principles of simplicity – simplicity in user experience and in language.

At the same time, Praice is 100% open for integration to other digital tools and solutions, as we believe that the best user experience starts with a user having to log on to only one platform. For the same reason, we are proud members of the supplier network, JobTech.

A unique candidate presentation

With Praice Pro comes easy access to an already written and print ready candidate presentation for each individual in your care.

The presentation take shape of a one page Soft Skill CV specifically addressed to an employer. In positive terms, it addresses how the individual candidate creates value in a workplace.

That makes it easy for local employers to assess the candidates.

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