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Develop yourself and your team with Praice

Praice’s Manager- and Team Module offers unique tools that can be actively used to boost individual performance, improve cooperation within your team, spot unused strengths and identify the strengths in a team with employees that should complement each other. 

Team Management and Collaboration 

Obtain top performance, increase motivation, and improve collaboration among your employees. Our analysis- and dialogue tool helps leaders on every level gain a better understanding of their employees and make target leadership possible. 

Our tools can be used with intuition and do not require certifications.  

We combine Praice Profiles with business. The Praice Profiles are owned by individuals. The individuals can choose to share their profiles with different relevant companies.  

We colaborate with

Leadership and team module contain

Profile Overview 

Behavioral type and strength profile of the team as a whole, as well as the employees individually 

Onboarding Report 

Provides tips on how to get off to cooperate, lead and get a good start with a new employee.

Collaboration Report 

Shares light on the team members’ similarities and differences.

Dialogue Report 

Focus on strengths and challenges of the individual team member and their personal preferences in management.

Our Praice Partners are ready to guide you and your team 

We have handpicked and educated a number of partners who are ready to help you gain better collaboration and increased performance.  

Linda Langkilde

– Praice Consultant
– Praice Partner

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Eva Lilleøre

– Praice Consultant
– Praice Partner

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Ricki Clausen

– Praice Consultant
– Praice Partner

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