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Our partner network consists of different types of partners who all contribute in each their own way to ensuring a great customer experience for our end users.

Praice Consultant

Eva Lilleør

Eva works as Executive Business Coach and has been working with person profiles for +10 years.

Eva helps you to understand your strength with your Praice Profile and how to use them actively in your career and everyday life.
Praice Consultant

Linda Langkilde

Linda works with individuals, groups, and organizations. Linda guides them on how to fulfill their potential.

Linda uses Praice to increase the work life and the feedback culture with the focus on the right employee and team combination. Linda offers individual courses for employees and leaders, she also offers tailor-made workshops for your team or organization.
Praice Partner

Ricki Clausen

Ricki Clausen has been a part of Praice for four years.

Ricki works as a coach and speaker. Ricki's coaching roots in his time as an elite sports coach. Ricki coaches in motivation, change management, and how to be a good leader.

Business Partners

Praice works closely with Candeno to allow all users to create or access their own Praice Profiles directly from Candeno’s digital platform.

As part of a new collaboration, it will now also be possible for the municipalities using MYRUP & NYHAUGE’s Digital Jobhelp to offer their users the opportunity to create and access their Praice Profiles directly through their digital platform.

Being a part of JobTech

Praice is proud to be a part of JobTech, which is about openness and willingness to collaborate with other suppliers to create the best possible experience for our common customers.

Through JobTech, we collaborate with: