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Recruit with Praice AutoScreen

Praice AutoScreen is for you looking to recruit a large number of high-performing employees – while providing a top shelve candidate experience at the same time. 

Dig deeper with your best candidates  

You attract the candidates, their network validates them, and Praice AutoScreen ranks them all using an AI-based job matching score. This buys you the time to go in-depth with the best candidates, only, and not to spend unnecessary time screening a large candidate field.  

  1. You find the candidates 
  2. Their network validates them
  3. Praice AutoScreen ranks them

Praice helped us to become better at matching position and person with AutoScreen.”

Claus Moll, Illum

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Let data help you recruit

Praice AutoScreen matches job and candidate based on your existing top employee’s performance data – and their network validated Praice Profile.  

You get with Praice AutoScreen

Reporting on unbiased recruitment, diversity, churn, performance, etc.

Automated match scoring of the entire candidate field 

Time-saving recruitment process with a data-driven approach  

Network validated Praice Profiles  

Fun and easy candidate experience with personal feedback reports  

Tina is ready to tell you more about AutoScreen.

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