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The science of Praice

Praice is developed in a combination of psychological science, AI, and tech.

5 years of research from the theory of C.G. Jung’s archetypes
An analysis made in 150 Nordic Companies
Validated by some of the Danish leading Ph.D.’s and researchers
Tested on + 10.000 profiles  

Praice built

It is the combination of psychological science, AI, and tech that makes Praice unique  

The background for the science comes from C.G. Jung’s theory about archetypes, which gives Praice scientific validation. The combination of scientific validation and AI does it possible for us to offer you an automated screening of your candidate field. 

Your candidates will with their Praice Profiles get insight into who they are. Praice gives you as an employer the unique opportunity to get this insight into your candidates before calling them to a job interview.  

Praice helps you to screen and predict your top candidates through AI. Reduce your cost and increase your quality of hire by using AI for your recruitment.  

Praice behavioral types

Our behavioral tests have been developed based on C.G. Jung’s theory about archetypes. He describes archetypes as universally recognizable structures in the way that people think and act which are evident in every single person across time and culture. 

Red – Tolerant 

Has an excellent ability to cooperate and is generally tolerant towards other people.

Yellow – Developing 

Wants to develop the current status and generally has a high level of drive.

Orange – Inclusive 

Shows an interest in other people and is good at working with other people.

Green – Implementing 

Has a good overview and the ability to act in an organised and practical way.


Has a strong need to be informed and specialised within his or her particular subject area.

Blue – Evaluating 

Shows a stable ability to analyse and evaluate the value of a product.